ULTRAZONE UV-C + Ozone Spa Sanitiser

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UltraZone® UV-C + OZONE SPA SANITISER  click here uses natural processes to provide crystal clear, clean and healthy spa water that looks, feels and smells just like nature intended. se prГ©senter site de rencontre  Using innovative technologies, the UltraZone® combines Ozone generation with UV-C sterilisation to make your spa water safe and clean whilst reducing your normal sanitiser usage by up to 70%*.


http://halilbalim.com/?frimol=app-para-conocer-gente-en-argentina&177=57 NO eye irritation

source url NO skin irritation

rencontre ghomrassen tunisie NO chemical smell

http://irinakirilenko.com/?deribaska=options-brokers-reviews&3cb=30 options brokers reviews NO corrosive effect on spa or associated equipment

UltraZone® UV disinfection is much more effective than chlorine in killing Giardia, Noro Virus, Crypto and is proven to control and remove unwanted chloramines.

UltraZone® units are an easy retro-fit for new or existing spas. Simple to install, economical to run, better for your health.

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*Some sanitiser still needs to be used to maintain a residual and for shock treatments.