Gecko Control & Audio

We are the exclusive distributors of the extensive range of Gecko Control and Audio products that are both stylish and functional. Our range of sophisticated control systems, heaters, keypads, cables and keys combine intelligent technology with media capability to provide a complete lifestyle experience.


IN.XE Aeware by Gecko Control System
IN.XM Aeware by Gecko Control System
IN.THERM Titanium Intelligent Heater
IN.K450 Aeware by Gecko Keypad
IN.K35 Aeware by Gecko Keypad
IN.K600 Aeware by Gecko Keypad
Aeware by Gecko Cables & Keys
IRMT-4 Waterproof Remote Control
Cool Rays LED Light Show
Aeware by Gecko Spa Media Centre
Aeware by Gecko Spa Audio & DVD
IPOD Docking Station
IN.POWER Audio Transformer
PQN Audio Speakers