Terms of Trade



All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices charged are those at the date of delivery. Prices quoted are free into store for purchases over $300.00 excluding GST in value. Freight charged at cost for deliveries under this value.


CSN Global Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse any orders for whatever reason without prejudice to it’s other rights and remedies even if the goods ordered have been prepaid. (Subject only to refund of the prepayment less administration charge of 5% plus G.S.T of prepayment).


Generally, payment for orders are due prior to dispatch or cash on delivery. For customers with approved credit terms payment is due strictly at the last day of the month following the delivery of goods. Credit facilities will automatically cease if previous month’s account is not paid in full. Overdue accounts are subject to an interest charge of two per centum (2%) per month, calculated on a monthly basis from the month following the due date to the month of payment (both inclusive).

Risk and Insurance

Risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall pass to the Purchases at the time of delivery to the carrier or the Purchaser whichever occurs first. If arranging transport CSN Global Pty Ltd acts as agent for the Purchaser only. Insurance shall be at the cost and responsibility of the Purchaser. Claims for damages, loss, incorrect supply, short deliveries or any other non-conformity to the description will only be recognised if notified by the Purchaser to the Seller within 7 days of dispatch of the goods.


Goods returned for credit will not be accepted without prior approval and the goods returned must be in “as new” condition. Freight must be prepaid or the goods will either not be accepted or the amount of freight will be deducted from the credit total. Goods returned will be subject to a handling charge of 10% of the invoice price plus G.S.T.

Handling Charges

Orders of less than a specified amount ($200.00 excluding G.S.T) are subject to a handling charge (currently $10.00 plus G.S.T per order). This handling charge is in addition to any freight charge referred to under “Pricing”. These amounts are subject to change by CSN Global Pty Ltd at any time without further notification.

Transfer of Ownership

a) Ownership of and title to any goods delivered by CSN Global Pty Ltd to the Purchaser shall remain with CSN Global Pty Ltd until payment in full for the goods and all other outstanding amounts by the Purchases have been paid for in full.
b) Whilst ownership of, and title to the goods remains with CSN Global Pty Ltd the Purchaser agrees to hold any goods delivered to the Purchaser in trust for CSN Global Pty Ltd and shall store such goods in a manner that they are clearly identified as the property of CSN Global Pty Ltd.
c) CSN Global Pty Ltd shall be entitled to take possession of any such goods held in trust by the Purchaser if the Purchaser is in default and for this purpose is hereby authorised to enter any property or premises (if necessary by reasonable force) where it reasonably expects or assumes the goods are held and remove the goods at any time and the Purchaser hereby appoints CSN Global Pty Ltd as its agent for that purpose.
d) Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous sub clauses the Purchaser (being a retailer or trader) may sell the goods to a third party in the ordinary course of his/hers/it’s business and deliver the goods to that party subject to the following conditions:-
(i) Where the Purchaser received payment by the third party such payment shall be held (and is deemed to be held) by the Purchaser in trust for CSN Global Pty Ltd and the Purchaser shall account to CSN Global Pty Ltd according to the law of trust for such proceeds; and
(ii) Where the Purchaser is not paid for the goods so disposed of the Purchaser hereby assigns the debt owing (save for this provision) to him/her/it to CSN Global Pty Ltd who shall be entitled to demand payment of and collect the amount payable by the third party and the Purchaser herby appoints CSN Global Pty Ltd as its agent for that purpose.


All goods are sold subject to the warranties provided by the respective manufacturers. CSN Global Pty Ltd does not accept any claims beyond those warranties but will endeavor to obtain, on behalf of its customers, replacement or repair of faulty items subject to the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. Freight For return or faulty items and replacement items is at the Purchaser’s cost.
Please note: In regards to Gecko and Aqua-flo product warranties, CSN Global is ONLY responsible for warranties on these products if originally SOLD by CSN Global. Claims made on CSN Global for Gecko/Aqua-flo products sold by other parties will not be accepted and must be taken up with the party who originally sold those products.